School Fundraising Ideas fundraiser ideas for high schools

Welcome to School Fundraising’s “BIG LIST”.  We have compiled what we think is be the biggest list of school fundraising ideas online.  So if you are looking for ideas for your next school fundraising activity then sit back and read our list of fundraiser ideas.  If you have recently run a good fundraiser that raised lots of money and we haven’t listed below then get in touch and we can add to our list.  The more fundraising ideas we have the better.  Share your experience with other PTA members to enhance their fundraising efforts too.  Get involved….

  • Non uniform Day

Children love any chance to not wear their school uniform, you can turn this is into a great fundraising opportunity by holding a special dress day for students. Students and teachers make a set donation (£1) to wear something other than their usual uniforms. You can even turn this into a fancy dress event with prizes for the best outfits, no there’s an interesting idea! The children all love a non-uniform day and whilst it’s not a school fundraiser that would make a lot of money, it’s very easy and great fun!

  • Bake Sale

Involve the children and parents by running a bake sale. The money made from cake sales can be a great way to raise school funds.  Advertise the bake sale within the school and with parents. This can encourage the children to take up baking by including a competition for best cake.

  • Easy Fundraising

Another fabulous fundraising idea is to signup for Easy Fundraising.  Easy Fundraising send you a commission when your parents shop online through one of your dedicated links.  You can shop with over 2000 online retailers and raise a donation for your school at the same time. The cause just needs to register. so people can select your cause on their website along with the retailer they wish to shop with, the retailer will then donate up to 15% of your purchase to your selected cause.

  • Sponsored activity

Sponsored activities are great ways of fund raising in school while giving children a deserved break form their normal school routine. Students collect money from family and friends to sponsor them in a particular event such as a swim-a-thon where they pledge to swim a certain distance in return for donations. fundraiser ideas for high schools

  • Talent Shows

Talent shows can be a great way of encouraging children to showcase hidden talents. The school can sell tickets for the show within the local community and to parents. Children will love participating and prizes can be awarded for the best act.  The kids will absolutely love this, the fundraising idea is simple but the children will love to get involved and “put on a show”.

  • Christmas Card Project – A seasonal School Fundraising Idea

Another fabulous (and annual) school fundraising idea is to run one of School Fundraising’s Christmas Projects.  These are a great fundraising project and always raise large amounts of money for the PTA.  Children design their own Christmas cards (and mugs, thank yous and other gifts) they and then scanned in by School Fundraising and turned into professional mugs, cards etc for parents to purchase.  The parental prices are set by the PTA and determine how much money is raised.  In fact some schools earn well over £1,000 from these activities, as this recent post on the most profitable fundraising ideas for schools, shows.

  • Charity Race night

Organising a charity race night for the parents and members of the PTA can be a great way of raising money and having fun at the same time. In fact this is one of the best school fundraising ideas.  Have the races sponsored in advance with the race named after them, this is a great way to get local businesses involved. Get online as there are lots of helpful websites with tips on how to organise a race night, the money raised through ticket sales and betting can be donated to support a school cause.

  • Charity Car Wash

Charity car washes are fun and easy to organise, you can use the school car park to wash teacher’s and parents cars for a small fee. Raise awareness of your charity car wash by advertising with posters and flyers in the local area in the run up to the event.  All you need is sponges, buckets, water and car shampoo, it’s a simple way to raise funds and have fun.

  • Spelling Bee Fundraiser

Combine fundraising with learning to raise money. Organise a Spelling Bee and compete in teams or as individuals to spell the most words. There are various ways you can turn this into a fundraising event, by selling tickets, offering a raffle or by encouraging the entrants to get sponsored per correctly spelt word by family and friends.  The words will get progressively harder as the competition develops so this can be a great way to encourage training for the event and develop literacy skills with school.