Eight rules for a successful silent auction Coach & Athletic Director

If the winning bidder is new to your nonprofit, this is a perfect opportunity to nurture the relationship by including valuable information about your nonprofit. Include a video of your nonprofit story or a case study so they become familiar with your work. Add them to an email nurture stream to keep them engaged over time with the intent to get them to donate again and eventually become a recurring donor.
This way, bidding can commence before the event and attract a broader audience. If you’re throwing an auction, you should have knowledge of your donors’ likes and dislikes. It is imperative to consider their preferences when reaching out to local businesses for donated items, ensuring that the offerings resonate deeply with their desires and aspirations. Silent auctions offer a delightful and interactive approach to fundraising, serving as both a means of raising money and entertaining guests.
For example, you could put together a basket of gourmet food items or one filled with beauty products. Silent auctions are auctions without an auctioneer present and where participants place their bids silently and anonymously. silent auction websites can be a very effective fundraising strategy for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. For example, many elementary schools hold silent auctions for their fundraising. Let’s say your target client is in her early 40’s and has some disposable income each month.
The volunteer matches the receipt with the third copy of the bid sheet that was attached to the item during auction. Certificates can be anything from restaurant gift cards to vacation vouchers. If you have the certificate available before your event, add them to the receipt folder you hand your guest at checkout.
If you’re looking for a surefire way to engage your audience and raise revenue, add a silent auction to your event calendar! A silent auction is a fundraising event that can take place in person, online, or as a hybrid experience. With a silent auction, participants compete to place the highest bid on a variety of items and packages. Silent auction bid sheets are important because they provide a clear and organized record of the bids placed on items up for auction.