12 creative PTA fundraising ideas anyone can use

Send students home with matching gift information during your next fundraiser. You can use fliers and letters to explain how matching gifts work. No matter how you decide to raise funds for your school, you can easily double your donors’ gifts with matching gifts. Auction items can incentivize people to attend your event in the hopes of scoring a fabulous item. Of fundraising schools , your school will need to offer up items that people will want to bid on. Some crowdfunding platforms, like GoFundMe, offer a one-size-fits-all fundraising tool that can be used to help fund causes of various kinds.
You can hold this event at a park, your school, or another venue. Suicide crisis lines are sometimes the last option people have before taking their lives, and these organizations need volunteers willing and able to help. If you’re uncomfortable with answering calls, some organizations also offer tools for schools that students can share and force change where it’s needed. We’ve listed 20 fun, unique, and meaningful community service ideas for high school students, segregated into volunteering and fundraising activities. High school students are passionate about their communities.
Let your students show off their furry family members with a pet contest. One of the most valuable things you can give people is time. Another fun take on your traditional fundraising run is a color run. By the end, they’re covered in a rainbow of colors, making for tons of fun and great photos. If your school doesn’t have uniforms, you can do a no dress code or wacky dress day instead.
Funds2Orgs helps organize shoe drives and will pick up the shoes donated and hand over a check. This program has been up and running since 1996 and has given over $940,000,000 to schools. Each box top coupon was worth 10 cents, but with the app now, it’s even easier to earn more money for the schools each time you shop. Schools receive checks from the programs twice each year and can use that money for anything they need. Incorporate these texts into a larger event, or use them as the main way to reach out to potential donors and students’ families.
High school students can sell these cards to their family members or neighbors. The cards are typically $10-$20, and in return, the donor receives deals and coupons to use at local businesses and restaurants, saving customers hundreds of dollars. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of playing the lottery. You eagerly scratch away at your cards, hoping to see some big winnings. You can bring this same excitement to your fundraising efforts by having your middle school students distribute scratch-off cards.
You can even boost school spirit by bringing in an alumni performer. Nobody wants to deal with circling the parking garages and ultimately missing valuable class time. Host a live auction to sell a reserved parking spot in a prime location and see how high your students are willing to go to avoid the everyday parking struggle. In these fundraisers, you engage local business owners and residents alike in your efforts to help your school, creating a greater sense of community involvement.
Many educational institutions have after-school programs that serve as a nurturing environment for students after the last bell. Academic clubs, honor societies, and educational clubs often need to raise money to fund their academic undertakings. Bring the whole community together for a tea party fundraiser with all the trimmings.
For example, Farm Aid’s Giving Tuesday campaigns have improved each year, with 2020 being their most successful yet. Pro athletes and teams run annual golf tournaments as their main charity initiatives — why not youth and HS programs? Another example of “you gotta buy it anyway” style fundraisers.